Bar Room Sex Orgy

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A group of studs have congregated at the bar, when Heriberto takes charge of the sexually tense room by inviting all his customers into the back for a strip show. He and Oscar Blanco put on a sexy show, while the crowd kicks back and plays their own crotches. Then Manuel Lozano and Israel Amezquita get on stage for some action. They are followed by Alfonso Rosas, Martin Soto and Tommy Lima. The guys start with some groping, kissing, and stroking that soon leads to a full on sex orgy. As these guys start rimming, fucking, and sucking it’s hard to keep track of who’s on top and who’s on bottom. It all culminates in a circle jerk with Manuel Lozano playing cum rag for all six of the studs surrounding him and stroking their loads into his mouth.

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