Gilbert Gets A Tickle Massage

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Asian gay tickling fetish boy Gilbert Carreon visits the Erotic Asian Tickling Parlor to have a sensual tickling fetish experience. Our tickling masseur Vahn Valdez uses his tickle tools such as feathers and the wire scalp massaging tool for tickling. Gilbert giggles and squirms and begs for more. Vahn brings in the baby oil to increase Gilbert's ticklishness, and spreads the oil all over his ticklish Asian boy body. Vahn begins his delicate tickling with his fingers and erotic tickle taunting 'ticky ticky ticky' as Gilbert giggles and squirms. Then he oils up his ticklish Asian boy feet for some fantastic Asian boy foot tickling. Finally the two cute Asian boys lay together on the massage table and jerk off until they cum.

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