Chaz Jerks Off With A Dildo

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Stripped to his boxer briefs, Chaz works up his boner, and then rubs a vibrating dildo over the growing bulge, until his cock starts to poke out. After releasing his meat, he keeps his socks and shoes on while lubing up his hole and inserting the sex toy. This quickly gets Chaz rock hard, and some finger action on the sensitive head teases out some pre-cum. Several times Chaz rubs the dildo on his stiffy to coat it with pre-cum, before re-inserting it into his tight hole. After waving his boner proudly, Chaz collects one more coating of pre-cum, re-inserts, and warns us he's getting close. Chaz is not a shooter, but he busts an intense load that he tells us represents three days' worth. Finally, Chaz scoops up his seed and licks his fingers clean

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