Curious Threesome Suck And Stroke

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Lukas, Kenny and Timmy are hanging out and decide to explore each other in a threesome. Kenny slides to his knees to blow Lukas, while Timmy watches and rubs his cock head. Kenny turns his attention back to Timmy, who has pitched a huge and obvious tent in his boxers. Kenny blows Timmy while jacking Lukas, then blows Lukas while Timmy releases Kenny's cock. Kenny is rewarded with a handjob from Lukas and a blowjob from Timmy. When everybody has stripped completely, except for their white socks, there is lots of kissing and sucking. Timmy cums on Kenny's chest, only to abandon his buddies to finish off themselves or each other. So Kenny and Lukas lube themselves up and jack. Lukas obviously enjoys watching Kenny very closely. Kenny lies on the couch; Lukas on the floor. Lukas splatters a pretty impressive load all over himself, feeds some of it to himself with his fingers, but, unlike Timmy, hangs around to help Kenny bust his nut.

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