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According to Brett, he just met Billy about an hour ago and they've decided it would be fun if Billy took his virginity. Brett swallows Billy's cock, mumbling that he can't wait until it's inside him. When Billy jerks himself off through the fly of his gray boxers, a grinning Brett lets us know he's enjoying it. Billy tries to suck Brett's hefty hose. He starts slow, but gets into it. So does Brett, who approves of Billy's technique. When they slip into a 69, we get some great close-ups contrasting the boys blow job styles. After exchanging a brief kiss, Billy straddles Brett's chest and face fucks him. Then, attempting a side entry, Billy has a little trouble maintaining his big hardon, but he finds a will and a way. Straight boy Brett ends up enjoying his first ass fucking and wants Billy to cum in his face. Jerking side-by-side for a while, Billy kneels and squirts at least ten world class jets of cum all over Brett's face and far beyond. Brett, obviously needing still more jizz in his face, throws his legs back over his head and prepares to spill his own spooge onto his face. With Billy gently caressing his ass, Brett pumps a much thicker load all over his own face. Then he instructs Billy to lick it off.

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