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Kicking back on a futon watching straight porn side-by-side, Seth and Allen rub the growing bulges in their pants. Allen easily takes Seth's sizeable meat all the way down his throat. Seth, a street punk covered in tattoos and with his left nipple pierced, tries to act as if he doesn't care too much what Allen is doing to his cock. As Allen's blowjob gets noisier and more intense, Seth's cock starts to grow, throbbing wildly whenever freed from Allen's hungry mouth. Gradually Seth starts to show some appreciation by gently stroking Allen's back and ass. After some hot face fucking, Seth offers Allen a dildo. While Allen tries to take some of the dildo, Seth fingers himself. These dudes jack off side-by-side until Allen suddenly cums. After Allen abruptly leaves, Seth surprises us by working a smallish dildo up his ass. Before long, Seth lays his skateboard across his stomach, and squeezes out his load.

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