Spit Roasting Badi Alzaman

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Latin hunks transform into Arabian Knights for this fantasy sex scene. As Nur Aldin starts caressing himself, we are transported into his fantasy world where we find a couple of daddies sitting back with a younger Badi Alzaman. The twink is sucking on the big dick of Saud Taiu, while Bayyhan Azhar strokes and watches. Before long, Bayyhan makes his way over to the action and Badi services both guys at the same time. Then he bends over to suck Saud’s cock, while Bayyhan plays with his hole. These two daddies picked the perfect boy for a spit roast. There is something especially erotic about Badi climbing up on Saud’s lap to take that cock in his ass, while Bayyhan returns to his chair to watch and beat off. All three finish by shooting their loads.

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