Beau Reed

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Beau Reed has a confession to make to his wife, and it's not an easy one: he's fallen off the wagon (again), and is back to betting on sports. Even worse? He owes the Man 40 dimes. If you've got a bookie and make bets, you know who The Man is, as well as 40 dimes meaning forty thousand dollars. What are we going to do? Mrs. Reed asks. She grows even more concerned when Beau tells her guys who work for The Man are on their way over to collect! We all know what this means! When the collectors show, Mrs. Reed cuts a deal: instead of fucking up Hubby, how about you just fuck Hubby? We have a lot of naughty bedroom play, and he likes sucking black dildos and having me peg him, Mrs. Reed explains to The Collectors. Why don't you guys just let my Hubby suck your cocks so you won't be so angry? The Collectors agree, and we all know it won't end with cock sucking. After The Collectors spilt him open and leave him drenched in cum and laying on their kitchen floor, they take Mrs. Reed to the bedroom, where they'll have their way with Beau's wife, too!

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