Brad Wilde, Mr Cali And Ray Diesel

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On a very hot summer day, there's just not a lot to do. Well...that's how Brad Wilde feels. Sure, his buddies Mr. Cali and Ray Diesel might have some ideas: the swimming pool, the beach, an amusement park or take in a movie. But Brad just keeps saying no. Why? They're not offering up what Brad truly desires: big, black cock. Brad's got one on each side of him, too! It doesn't take Cali and Ray too long to figure out all Brad really wants is a good dick down, so that's what they finally offer. Brad, being the greedy slut he is, dropped right to his knees after Cali and Ray finally got drift of Brad's desires. They're a real mouthful, too...but aren't most black men? Brad's been considered a power bottom for a while now, and sure enough, he has no issues taking all that meat! So why not go for the D.P? That's right! Double penetration...and that's just what Mr. Cal and Ray dish out! Imagine all that black dick stretching out your Man Pussy! It drives Brad wild with lust, and it made Mr. Cali and Ray nut! They took turns aiming for Brad's face, and sure enough, both money shots were right on the money! Now that's what I call hot!

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