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Adam, Chad and Lukas waste no time in stripping off all their clothes and getting down to it. As Lukas rubs Adam's groin, Chad pulls his pants off down to his knees and starts rubbing his cock. It's not long before Chad gets bored with his own cock and moves over to start sucking on Lukas'. He takes all 7 inches of it down his throat, which Lukas clearly enjoys. Then Adam goes down on Chad's rather large dick as Lukas proceeds to service Adam's. Chad lubes up Lukas' ass and slides his cock in. Chad fucks Lukas until he creams all over his ribbed abs. Adam crouches down onto his knees and shoots into Lukas' open mouth and chest. Then Chad finishes the scene by shooting his load up onto his chest and armpit. And, while waiting for Chad to finish, Lukas shoots another huge load into Adams hand. But Adam doesn't want it so he offers it back to Lukas who licks it up like a good boy.

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